today’s geekness

i threw together a couple of pages for a friend. she belongs to a club that wants a website. they’re looking at drop and drag building. never made a site that way. i should look into it. felt kinda stupid telling her that.

but i decided to play around and here’s what i came up with:

today’s geekness

a friend/boss wished that her blog posts would list from oldest to newest, i.e.: first to last. the theme we’re using in wordpress doesn’t have that option. so, i improvised and got the job done.

i love what i do!

nfl today on cbs

the show is so weak. it is James Brown’s show; Dan Marino is glad just to be anywhere; Bill Cowher seems to not want to be there – he never looks comfortable; Boomer Esiason is praying to sit in the big chair; and who the hell can understand Shannon Sharpe? he resorts to animation when his contributions are met with blank stares.

fox nfl sunday pregame show

what idiot looked at the on-air talent of Curt Menefee, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and Jimmy Johnson and said, “something’s missing. i know! MICHAEL STRAHAN!”

he brings absolutely nothing to the table.

acura mdx commercial (bad quailty)

acura says, “if your winters are tougher than this, you don’t need a new car. you need a new place to live.”

not funny and a bit insulting. enjoy your hometown in something other than an acura mdx.

audi quattro commercial

i was born and raised in nashua, nh. lived there 30 years before moving to florida. i’ve seen snow. played in it, shovelled it, drove in it, cursed it.

but whenever i was stuck in it, i never said, “i wish i had an audi.”

i like cream in my coffee and i like to sleep late on sunday

i love decaf coffee on mike’s days off and sundays. but i ran out of my flavored decaf last sunday. and this is mike’s long weekend which means he had friday and saturday off. still no decaf in the house. although, i have been working him quite hard with the SUGGESTION list (formerly known as the TO-DO list.)

but still i have to wonder…is he procrastinating about shopping because he knows as soon as i get some decaf coffee, i want to make some homemade KAHLUA? actually, it’s easier for him to do the physical part while i bark the instructions at him.

football playoffs 2012

"football" menew orleans vs san francisco

new orleans can beat san fran and SHOULD beat san fran. if they don’t, it’ll be because of san fran’s home field advantage. i don’t think san fran could beat new orleans in new orleans.

denver vs new england

pats win. that said, tebow has proven himself this year. the media are beating a dead horse. but he and the broncos are still not good enough to beat new england in new england. brady is god at home.

houston vs baltimore

texans don’t have a chance in baltimore. ray lewis owns that field. always love the way he plays the game.

ny giants vs green bay

duh? only the pats can beat the packers.

in the doghouse

so i’m trying to a modified version of atkins. no sugar except for the shot of kamora in my diet soda. when i reiterated this to the husband, he asked how much i had lost. i replied 5 pounds. he asked where?

the adventure begins

i’ve decided to blog. it was DARRELL’S idea. he got sick of me talking to him.a few days ago, he barked, “OH! Just shut up already! Isn’t there anyone else you can talk to? The cats, maybe?”

the cats: macaroni, meatloaf and patience disagreed with darrell. but then, they don’t listen as well as he does.