Conni Goulet-Dion

I was born in Nashua, NH, to Conrad and Ruth (Corey) Goulet. Dad died in 2000 of lung cancer, and Mom died in 2006 of leukemia.They gave me 2 sisters: Toby lives in Virginia and is married to Jim; and Julie has a son, Chip, and was married to John. She died of lung cancer in 2004.

Mike J. Dion married me in 1984. Brave move on his part; genius move on mine. We both changed our last names to Goulet-Dion. Mike became a letter carrier in 1987, and we moved to West Palm Beach in 1990.

We bought our first computer in 1998. In 1999, we bought web-building software and starting building websites for a hobby. I also began making our greeting cards because the software has an image composer in it. It’s been over 12 years, and I still learn something new almost every month.

Raynaud’s Syndrome, Scleroderma, and Dermatomyositis have placed limits on my life. Arthritis and gastritis are also present but are not debilitating. My voice is extremely nasal, so undertsanding me is a feat. Goddess Bless those who do!