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today’s geekness

i threw together a couple of pages for a friend. she belongs to a club that wants a website. they’re looking at drop and drag building. never made a site that way. i should look into it. felt kinda stupid telling her that.

but i decided to play around and here’s what i came up with:

today’s geekness

a friend/boss wished that her blog posts would list from oldest to newest, i.e.: first to last. the theme we’re using in wordpress doesn’t have that option. so, i improvised and got the job done.

i love what i do!

the adventure begins

i’ve decided to blog. it was DARRELL’S idea. he got sick of me talking to him.a few days ago, he barked, “OH! Just shut up already! Isn’t there anyone else you can talk to? The cats, maybe?”

the cats: macaroni, meatloaf and patience disagreed with darrell. but then, they don’t listen as well as he does.