SunFestI used to love going to SunFest. Hot temps with a cool breeze of the Intracoastal. I suppose going on a rainy day would have been fun, too. Same heat, less people.

You can walk from one end of SunFest to the other and hear 3 or 4 different genres of music, while eating good food and perusing booths with many different forms of art for sale: metal, glass, pottery, fabric, wood, and mixed media. Personally, my favorite is always jewelry.

I can’t go now. If you do drive to West Palm Beach for the event, you won’t find a cheap parking space. You can take the shuttle, but you’d be on someone else’s schedule. Parking spaces in the city garages are scarce on ANY uneventful day.

And personal space is a precious commodity at SUNFEST. The number of vendors, performers and people attending increases each year but I don’t think the area in which they confine SunFest does.

You not only have to decide how you will get downtown and when you will go; you have to decide how to get tickets. There’s one daily price to get through the gate, and there’s another price for multiple days. It’s always cheaper when you package the days. In 1990, the cost was $5 a day at the gate. A 4-day pass cost only $10. This year, cost at the gate for 1 day is $35 and a 5-day pass is $67. The pop-up parking lots charge for the entire day, not hourly. The shuttle will cost less. If you want to see a particular musical act, you have to buy a ticket for that performance. You can choose from over 50 acts.  General seating for Paul Rogers, Herbie Hancock or the Mighty Mighty Bosstones is $20, while Counting Crows, Snoop Dog or Creed premiere seating is $125.

SunFest is a beautiful event, making millions for Palm Beach County and pleasing over 300,000 people over 5 days. But, until I get an electric wheelchair, I’ll have to continue enjoying my cd player while sitting in my backyard with Darrell, Macaroni, Meatloaf and Patience…and Mike.

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