Dr. Mom

Why do we get so attached to our doctors? Why do we look forward to te foloow-up? And why do we miss them when can no longer see them?

If a doctor is condescending, he’s history. Maybe we’ll let him fix the problem but we won’t go back to him. I had a doctor that fixed the problem of a corn by suggesting that I put a cotton ball in between my toes. His suggestion was directed to Mike. The little old bastard never looked at me just my foot. He never spoke to me just Mike. Wonder if he’s dead yet.

Why do the great ones have to retire? I recently learned that my internist’s retirement was the mechanation of the health oprganization for which he worked. Too late to complain after 3 years. He is still practicing part-time at a free clinic. Would a donation ease my conscience?

It’s heartbreaking when your doctor retires for health reasons. You’re left to wonder, “How is he doing? Is the disease in remission? Dormant? Is he wtill with us?” He is still one of my favorite doctors. I would for the ability t talk to him via webchat. He would probably say, “Well, duh…don’t do that.” or “Tell your new doctor that I think it’s the same muscle problem you had in your back 6 years ago.” But I’m not being honest; I’m being selfish. I jsut want to see him and say, “Hi. How are you doing?”

So, why am I so attached? Beacuase they are MOM. When it’s no worse thena  hangnail, they tell me. When it’s an important boo-boo, they reareange their cschedlue. When I am visibly upset and crying, they want to know why. And if they can fix that, they do.

At one rheumatologist visit, the doctor was an hour late. He took whom he thought was his first patient, not knowing she was an unschedlued patient…a mkistake by the recptionist. Usually, I am in and out in 10 minutes. being late an hour made me late for my podiatrist appointment next door. I needed the foot doc weeks before thjis but because I am dependent on Mike’s day off, I had to wait until this day. When the rheumatologist came in, he had a cute story about his weekend. We have had that kind of relationship for 14 years. Talk about anything and everything. When his story was doen, he asked, “So? How are you doing?”

I burst into tears. “I had to wait to get a podiatrist appoinment and I was here on time but you’re running late and now I can’t see the podiatrist because I have other appointments today and my foot really hurts…”

By the tiome I got all that out, he was on the iPhone to my podiatrist asking him to squeeze me in. Whe we were done and he walked me out, he ripped the receptionist a new one.

Doctors, nurses, techs, and support staff are members of a rare breed. They care regardless of pay. They’re glad to see me even if they didn’t want to come in that day. Whe I ask, “How are you today? What’s new? How’s the family?’ they are rarely truthfu;. They know that if I’m at the doctor’s, it’s all ab

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