the grammy awards

grammyholy crap! this show sucked! it was a train wreck with intermittent rescues by foo fighters, adele, and paul mccartney. When did the show go from an awards show to a performance show? Whose bright idea was that? I bet the ratings sucked as badly as the show. Here’s my rundown of some of the suckiness:

bruce springsteen and the e street band – the performance was way too structured; no fire, no in-your-face guitar. but i did think this was a good start to the show. It should soften the blow of whitney houston’s death. but it was short-lived.

Ll cool j as host – his prayer for whitney houston was lacking in emotion and sincerity. His hosting was just as dreary.

bruno mars – i’m impressed and now a bigger fan. he should have been on the bigger stage. it seems the producers put him over on the side stage to entertain while the big stage was being set for someone else.

alicia keys and bonnie raitt – bonnie did not look like she wanted to be there with alicia. she could have done the tribute alone. alicia brought nothing to the performance, and her lighting was atrocious. you couldn’t tell it was her.

chris brown – the song was lame. the choreography was juvenile. my cat falls off the tv with more grace and precision. and what was with the lighting design? it was terrible throughout the entire show.

foo fighters – oh…yeah…they fought the foo tonight. awesome! and when they went long on the acceptance speech, the stage went to black. the announcer said here’s ryan seacrest…twice. they should never use one stage when following an acceptance speech.

rihanna and coldplay – really? were justin bieber and jewel unavailable? gotta say that rihanna’s choreography was the best of the night. but a duet with coldplay? coldplay was such a wet blanket. luckily, the alcohol kept me awake.

paul mccartney – wow. like wine. like buhta. like love. makes me want to buy the album.

taylor swift – who chose that song? that set design? the wardrobe? this is the grammy’s, damn it, not the muppets.

katy perry – ok. i get it. she’s a pop princess. but a little music would have been nice. and the pretend glitch had me fooled. but in hindsight, it was lame. should have been bigger…badder…maybe a swear word or two bleeped out.

adele – great performance. but not the showstopper you expect from the grammy’s.

glen campbell – what was the point?

jennifer hudson – if there had to be a tribute, she’s the one to pick. that voice, that poise. so classy.

chris brown, foo fighters, et al – poor foo fighters. i was embarrassed for them in that debacle.

nicky minaj – what the hell was that? does she even know? does anyone even know? i’d like to know how many audience members checked their cell phones or went to the bathroom during that number.

such a letdown.


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