i really don’t need this crap.

i don't need this crapi have had a calcium deposit growing on my elbow for over a year. i get them all the time. you remove them and they grow back. may take a decade but it will come back. this one is causing pain in the middle of the night.

so i saw mike’s surgeon in march. when i made the appointment, i told the receptionist why. at the office visit, the doctor told me he only does breast cancer surgeries now. he recommended a plastic surgeon.

got an appointment with her in may. she recommended her associate who is an arm specialist, but he wasn’t in. after a stomach issue, i decided to wait til january, hoping mike could get some time off. made another appointment for january 13. doctor had to cancel, so i reminded her that it was my elbow and she wanted an associate to see the elbow. she referred me to a hand and elbow surgeon who happens to be my hand doctor. so cool and so happy!

the appointment was for monday. yep….WAS! it’s the only day i can get there and he has to cancel and reschedule. so i said, “how about the 31st?” “Nope. he can’t see me then.”

the receptionist said she’ll call me again to make an appointment.

i really don’t need this crap.

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  1. Lynn Corey Thomas says:

    We had the same problem with doctors. Good luck, I know you have a very hard time with surgery. Love you!!

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