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airplay: the rise and fall of rock radio

also recorded and watched the documentary - airplay: the rise and fall of rock radio. very enlightening and informative. there were so many prominent djs across the country who influenced american culture with their courage and personaility.

this documentary spans civil rights, political activism and entertainment. personally, my view of the world was broadened after a classmate told me about fm radio in 1971. i tuned in to boston’s wbcn and switched on my appreciation of music and my quest for information.

as i watched airplay, i realized i was not the only one to have that experience.

portlandia – tv show

so strange. so cutting edge. so cool!

i don’t remember which commercial it was, but i was hooked. when i compare it to saturday night live, it’s 100 times smarter and funnier. it has about 500,000 viewers, which is probably less than 10% of what snl gets.

so…fewer writers, fewer cast members, fewer viewers. i guess less is more…entertaining.

archer – tv show

after seeing the commercials for archer, i decided to record and watch it.

it’s a very fiunny show, and it’s now in my top ten. but it is difficult watching archer and hearing bob of bob’s burgers. h. jon benjamin also did the voice for coach mcgurk and others on adult swim’s home movies.

i really don’t need this crap.

i don't need this crapi have had a calcium deposit growing on my elbow for over a year. i get them all the time. you remove them and they grow back. may take a decade but it will come back. this one is causing pain in the middle of the night.

so i saw mike’s surgeon in march. when i made the appointment, i told the receptionist why. at the office visit, the doctor told me he only does breast cancer surgeries now. he recommended a plastic surgeon.

got an appointment with her in may. she recommended her associate who is an arm specialist, but he wasn’t in. after a stomach issue, i decided to wait til january, hoping mike could get some time off. made another appointment for january 13. doctor had to cancel, so i reminded her that it was my elbow and she wanted an associate to see the elbow. she referred me to a hand and elbow surgeon who happens to be my hand doctor. so cool and so happy!

the appointment was for monday. yep….WAS! it’s the only day i can get there and he has to cancel and reschedule. so i said, “how about the 31st?” “Nope. he can’t see me then.”

the receptionist said she’ll call me again to make an appointment.

i really don’t need this crap.

today’s geekness

i threw together a couple of pages for a friend. she belongs to a club that wants a website. they’re looking at drop and drag building. never made a site that way. i should look into it. felt kinda stupid telling her that.

but i decided to play around and here’s what i came up with:

today’s geekness

a friend/boss wished that her blog posts would list from oldest to newest, i.e.: first to last. the theme we’re using in wordpress doesn’t have that option. so, i improvised and got the job done.

i love what i do!

nfl today on cbs

the show is so weak. it is James Brown’s show; Dan Marino is glad just to be anywhere; Bill Cowher seems to not want to be there – he never looks comfortable; Boomer Esiason is praying to sit in the big chair; and who the hell can understand Shannon Sharpe? he resorts to animation when his contributions are met with blank stares.

fox nfl sunday pregame show

what idiot looked at the on-air talent of Curt Menefee, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and Jimmy Johnson and said, “something’s missing. i know! MICHAEL STRAHAN!”

he brings absolutely nothing to the table.

acura mdx commercial (bad quailty)

acura says, “if your winters are tougher than this, you don’t need a new car. you need a new place to live.”

not funny and a bit insulting. enjoy your hometown in something other than an acura mdx.

audi quattro commercial

i was born and raised in nashua, nh. lived there 30 years before moving to florida. i’ve seen snow. played in it, shovelled it, drove in it, cursed it.

but whenever i was stuck in it, i never said, “i wish i had an audi.”